Beyond Medicine

Karunaprem never visualized, at the dawn of its journey , that it shall travel so far but our sensitivity to the needs of poor people encouraged us to enter territories extended beyond the scope of medicine.

Some of them are illustrated below:

Village adoption programme

A tribal village called Bhadri in Betur District of Madhya Pradesh was adopted for two years in which following services were provided.

  • Health education about hygiene, clean drinking water and clean food
  • Children and adolescents were provided with clothing
  • Children were admitted to nearby school and arrangements were made for their travel
  • Since there was scarcity of resources, two hand pumps were installed initially and later on with the help of the government resources, a pond was constructed.
  • Since there was no electricity in the area, people were provided with lanterns. With the help of government aid, the process of electrification has already started.
  • People had no utensils, every house was given a set of utensils after explaining about the importance of clean food.

Education: Karuna Prem has sponsored the education of children, mostly of leper families, upto the graduate level.

Youth rehabilitation by making provision of shops, or providing equipments such as welding machines.