Mini Camps

In 2006, concept of mini camp was introduced to reach more people, and so far has been successful in delivering services in many areas. Minicamp is a two day camp which is provided in an area which has poor medical reach. Usually, 3-4 doctors including one female doctor, one dentist and two others, attend these mini camps along with 3-4 paramedics. Usually held in a building of a Community, Temple, Gurudwara or an existing dispensary, these camps provide OPD services to about 500-800 patients per day and dental OPD is always an important part of it. As many as 50-70 procedures are performed in one such camp which is always organized with help from a local organizing committee or group. Held every month or every two months at a particular place, so far we have been able to provide medical services to nearly 1 lakh patients per year in the last two years itself.

Areas covered under Mini Camps

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Villages : Bhogpur, dehradun, Kayakuli , Bhatta (Mussorie), Kempty, Bhawan Purola, Gundeyal, Mori , Narinder Nagar, Chambha, New Tihiri, Chinayali Sour, Musti Sour, Ghewala, Banderkot, Manpur, Thalan, Aleedh, Lata, Patta, Sangarali, Ganeshpura, Harsil Sang, Bhatwari, Pahi, Dawari, Ghorsali, Zahakoli, Harsil, Bhagori, Gangotri, Gaomukh, Ruperparyag, Mayali, Gairsain ( Adi Badri)

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Uttar Pradesh

Villages: Ahishatra (Dist. Amla) , Kampil (Farookhabad), Saifpur (Hastinapur), Vrindavan (Mathura)

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Madhya Pradesh

Villages : Salkanpur ( Dist. Dhar) , Tilgara , Bordiborda , Kali Mata Devi, Jhabhau , Petlawad , Bidyal, Kachi Baroda, Panch Paniya, Naya Para, Bhadri, Bir Para , Chota Nagda, Bhasola, Khandigaraha

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Villages : Vadodra, Kawara, Chamoli , Rudiyal

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Villages : Khandemal, janala, Raikia, Nau gaon, Balagipura

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Village : Nongpoh

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Village : Sojat

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Village : Churni Village

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Villages : Garhi Kangana , Kharkhoda

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